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Sainsbury, R. Shope, and P. Simons. Any mistakes, of course, are mine. "" Meinong's works are starred. Russell's left unstarred. Abbreviations follow in brackets. T H E RUSSELL-MEINONG DEBATE 345 1906 ... s. [RMEM] . . ~ b e rdie Stellung der Gegenstandstheorie im System der Wissenschaften. Leipzig: Voightlander. [USG] . . "On Some Difficulties in the Theory of Transfinite Numbers and Order Types," in Essays in Analysis, ed. D. Lackey. [TTN] . . Letter to Meinong (5 November). [See Appendix] .

See Manley Thompson's discussion in "On A Priori Truth," Journalof Philosophy, Vol. 78, No. 8 (1981), pp. 468-69. See also Hilary Putnam, "There Is at Least One A Priori Truth," in Realism and Reason, Philosophical Papers Vol. j (Cambridge University Press, 1g8j), for a discussion of the a priori status of the law of noncontradiction. THE RUSSELL-MEINONG DEBATE 3 39 ences between Russell's philosophical logic and Meinong's object theory, some aspects of object theory can be reconstructed within classical logic.

Russell's no-class theory allowed him to be agnostic on the nature and existence of classes. Meinong's nonexistent objects, in contrast, were according to Russell successfully "demolished" by the analysis in the theory of descriptions. However, what is important for our purpose is that in Russell's own conception of his intellectual progress, the theory of descriptions led to a solution of the contradiction in the form of a no-class theory. Russell experimented with various solutions to the paradox beginning with the early theory of types proposed in 1903.

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