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Nature's Metaphysics argues passable philosophy of technological know-how calls for a metaphysics that's in accordance with the certainty that causal houses are primarily dispositional houses. Alexander fowl develops and defends a dispositional essentialist account of the legislation of nature, and in addition examines dispositional money owed of clarification, causation, ceteris paribus legislation, components and types. specialist philosophers and complex scholars operating in metaphysics and the philosophy of technological know-how will locate this e-book either provocative and stimulating.

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Hence intrinsic duplicates can have different weights depending on where they are. Or vulnerability—an object, person, or city may be vulnerable to attack but lose that vulnerability thanks to external protection. The Mona Lisa is invulnerable to attack by vandals because it is protected by plate 26 This objection applies to (CA) but not to (RCA). 27 Cf. Johnston (1992: 234) and Molnar (1999: 3). 28 In McKitrick’s example a city may be protected against attack by a defence system located outside the city, perhaps controlled by a friendly foreign power.

Dispositions 29 then S and x’s having of B would jointly be an x-complete cause of x’s giving manifestation M. In the antidote cases the antecedent is satisfied but not the consequent. For the causal basis of fragility remains and the glass is struck. But the causal basis and the striking are not jointly a glass-complete cause of breaking, since the glass does not break. 7, we will consider whether (RCA) can be defended. Before doing so I will draw attention to the analogue of antidotes that refutes (CA←).

I am inclined to think that such a move ought to be disallowed on the grounds that unlike some irreducibly multigrade properties, a multigrade relation of resemblance is clearly equivalent to a conjunction of two-place resemblance relations. Properties 17 The realist’s challenge is that (E) is clearly false. We need at least an additional entity, a universal, on the left-hand side of the entailment. It is at this point that RodriguezPereyra brings Lewis’s Counterpart Theory (CT) into play (cf. Lewis 1968, 1986b: 192220).

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