New PDF release: Moss and Other Bryophytes

By Malcoms

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Cupuliform - shaped like a cupola. curvature - the bending or curving of a surface or structure (. below, middle and right). Blindia lewinskyae cupulate capsule. Imm Cryphaea tenella shoot curvature. Imm Warnstorfia fluitans capsule curvature. 5mm cushion - a dense hemispherical or rounded tuft of crowded and radiating stern s (. The cushian is a common growth form ofbryophytes because it stores0 water, keeps out competitors, and resists flooding in streams or disturbance by grazing and pawing animals.

Oddly, the introns are transcribed into RNA along with the ekoiis, but they're silipred out by enzymes before the RNA is translated into protein. Ordinarily, chromosomes are visible only while they're replicating during meIosIs or mItosis. During that brief period the DNA is "supercoiled", and as a result it's often packaged IDare tightly than relaxed interphase chromatin is by a "packing ratio" that's typically 1000-2000, and in some cases up to 7000. cicatrIcate - scarred. cilIa te---clad ocarpo us 44 ciliate - having fine hairs (cilia) at a margin or on a surface (.

Below, left) (synonym zygomorphic) (the opposite ofradially symmetric or actinomorphic). bilobed-havingtwo lobes (. below,middle). Liverwort leaves often are bilobed, but mass leaves rarely. binate Buxbaumia aphylla bilaterally symmetric capsule. 1 mm - arranged in pairs Triandrophyllum subtrifidum bilobed le af. 5 mm (. below, right). Rhodobryum giganteum binate-toothed margin. 100 [tm 30 biomass-bisbifid biomass - the total mass of organIbmg per unit area. bipartite - having two parts. bipinnate - twice-pinnately branched (.

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