Descriptive English Grammar by Homer C. House, Susan Emolyn Harman PDF

By Homer C. House, Susan Emolyn Harman

1950: by way of Homer C. residence- The development of a language is obvious in its grammar. moment variation, twelfth printing (1962).

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Alas, how shall this bloody deed be answer'd It will be laid to us, whose providence Should have kept short, restrain'd and out of haunt, This mad young man: but so much was our love, We would not understand what was most fit. Hamlet, Act IV, i. The alternative possessive case forms mine, thine, yours, hers, ours, and theirs are sometimes called absolute possessives, because they are normally used absolutely; that is, separately from the nouns they qualify. We may say It is my book and Thy kingdom come; but, if the possessive forms are used alone, we must say This book is mine and Thine is the kingdom.

Three Pronouns A pronoun (from Latin pro, meaning for, and nomen, meaning name) is a word used instead of a noun or a noun-equivalent. The meaning of a pronoun is restricted to relation or reference. It may name a person by his relation to the act of speaking I, you, he; a thing by its relation of nearness or remoteness from the speaker: this, that. It may refer to a person or an object as already named: who, which, that. It may represent the unnamed answer to a question: Who? What? It may, with adjective significance, suggest quantity: much, little, enough; or number: many, few, all; or order: former, latter; or distribution: each, either, neither.

But the following add only -s: alto, altos; banjo, banjos; canto, cantos; contralto, contraltos; dynamo, dynamos; libretto, librettos; piano, pianos; solo, solos; soprano, sopranos; torso, torsos; etc. d. A few nouns offer alternative plurals, the -es Leing more 13 Proper nouns retain the y and add -s; as, Marys, Davys. Henrys, Mrs. RaysSee Rule XVI, p. 41. NOUNS 37 common; but the increasing tendency is to add only -s: buffalo, buffaloes (or buffalos); calico, calicoes (or calicos); cargo, cargoes (or cargos); domino, dominoes (or dominos); halo, haloes (or halos); hobo, hoboes (or hobos); motto, mottoes (or mottos); volcano, volcanoes (or volcanos); etc.

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