Norbert and J. P. Schade (edited by) Wiener's Cybernetics of the Nervous System PDF

By Norbert and J. P. Schade (edited by) Wiener

ISBN-10: 0080861415

ISBN-13: 9780080861418

ISBN-10: 0444406433

ISBN-13: 9780444406439

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He had noted that in existing computers the use of majority logic - ‘what I tell you three times is true’ - coupled with a search procedure for finding new elements, resulted in reliability of computation. It was with this background in mind that Von Neumann attacked these problems. His principal solution t o this problem was obtained in the following manner. The reliable recognition of input configurations is required of some finite automaton, that corresponds say, t o the reliable computation of a Boolian function (cf McCulloch and Pitts, 1943, op.

G. the symbio-organism (9, - 1 1 , 1, - 7) and ( 5 , - 1 I , 1, - 3) can crossbreed t o give (5, - 11, 1, - 7) and (9, - 11, 1 , - 3) as well as the parent symbio-organisms. (c) Great variability - each symbio-organism may consist of many elements (genes) and each element may have several states (alleles). The number of varieties which can arise is practically unlimited. (d) Parasitism - same symbio-organisms cannot reproduce completely, a n d degenerate into simpler symbio-organisms (cf Von Neumann), unless they can interact with other symbio-organisms.

Which will themselves be aggregates of elementary parts’. In all the automata considered, a location will exist where such instructions I can be inserted so that when such automata are being described, the specification for the location is understood to form part of the description. Thus the statement ‘inserting a given instruction I into a given automaton A’ is meaningful. (b) A copying automaton, B Since T is an aggregate of elementary parts, the copying automaton has merely to duplicate any particular aggregate, much as a tape reading machine can reproduce :iny input tape.

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