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On the other hand, a breach of the contract on the part of a mothami meant withdrawal of his rights and removal from the land. The authority to carry this out was invested in the hands of the moramati. If a mothami or mohoi refused to quit the land, he was taken before the Iciama (council of elders), who naturally gave judgment in favour of the morarna ti. But in any case a mohoi or Land Tenure 35 mothami was given sufficient notice to find another land and also to harvest his crops. Apart from the beer which was given.

If that is so, then the only possible way to account for the disappearance of the Gumba is, that they inter-married with the early Gikuyu pioneers who ventured into the forests, and perhaps lost their contact with the other main sections of the Gikuyu, and, therefore, settled in the forests in the same way as Gumba. There is strong reason to support the latter theory, for soon after the Gumba had disappeared as a race, there came into being another race of hunters known as Ndorobo or Aathi, who seemed to have grown like mushrooms in the forests.

E. a ewe for dusting off aching caused by a stinging creeper called njegeni. According to the Gikuyu system of land tenure no man could claim absolute ownership of any land unless he or his ancestors have gone through the ceremony of marking the boundary, which was the Gikuyu form of title-deed. The boundary trees and lilies so ceremonially planted were highly respected by the people. They were well looked after and preserved. The history connected with such lands was passed from one generation to another.

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