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This selection of ten papers investigates the Norse colonization of the North Atlantic sector, beginning with Viking enlargement in Arctic Norway and finishing with a dialogue of the longterm implications of medieval Scandinavian exploration of the recent international. each one bankruptcy presents a quick local synthesis of the archaeological facts and, the place acceptable, addresses 3 interrelated subject matters: the connection among local and newcomer; the production of neighborhood identities within the cost interval; the connection among archaeology, heritage and the development of contemporary nationwide identities. In series, the chapters concentrate on North Norway, the Faeroes, Scotland, eire, Iceland, Greenland, the Inuits of Smith Sound, L'Anse aux Meadows and Vinland, including introductory and concluding chapters.

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Bradley 1990, 40). An interesting possible corroboration of this hypothesis of interethnic gift exchange is found in linguistic data (Schanche 1997). An Old Norse loan word in Saami language is the concept skeangka, which in Saami means ‘gift’. The Old Norse connotation of the word has to do with drinking (å skjenke: to pour or fill; a skjenk in many Norwegian dialects still means a drink), and the connection between gift and drinking seems plausible given the association of drinking, feasts, and gift exchange in the confirmation of alliances in Germanic culture.

1996. S. D. 1986. 2A, 239–47 Johnsen, H. 1997. 1, 33–58 Jones, S. 1997. The Archaeology of Ethnicity: Constructing Identities in the Past and Present, London: Routledge Jørgensen, R. and Olsen, B. 1988. Kr. Kr, Tromura, kulturhistorie 13, IMV, Tromsø: University of Tromsø 30 BJØRNAR OLSEN Lund, N. 1983. Ottar og Wulfstan. To reisebeskrivelser fra vikingetiden, Roskilde: Vikingeskibshallen Magnus, B. and Myhre, B. 1972. 2, 45–61 Miller, D. 1985. M. 1995. f. Kr, Studia Archaeologica Universitatis Umensis, 6, Umeå: University of Umeå Munch, G.

For those once travelling along this coastline, this change in material representation may well have been read as convincing arguments about rights and duties and to whom the land belonged (Henriksen 1996). There is a remarkable stability in this pattern. The ethnic boundary between Norse and Saami settlement seems to have been established in the early Iron Age and its geographical outline probably remained almost unchanged until the early medieval period. Norwegian expansion towards the east and north does not seem to have taken place before AD 1200 (Hansen 1990).

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