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By Frederick J. Hill, Gerald R. Peterson

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Tied to no specific set of computer-aided common sense layout instruments, it advocates the recent emphasis in VLSI layout. comprises help of structure synthesis from description in a sign in move point language in addition to from layout trap. incorporates a targeted creation to Boolean algebra, Karnaugh maps and sequential circuits. during this variation dialogue of blend common sense has been prolonged; switching circuits up-to-date; a entire remedy of try out new release for VLSI integrated.

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The parameters of prototype are Lr = 570 nH, Cr = 3 μF, Co = 330 μF, fr = 120 kHz, fs = 50 kHz, and Vi = 5 V. 67 Ω. 2 and prove that the prototype is working in normal operating mode. 7b, it is obvious that the sneak circuit phenomena appear and the correctness of sneak circuit conditions has been confirmed. 8. As the value of output capacitor Co is large enough, the output side can be regarded as a DC voltage source Vo . 9. Ignoring the loss of devices, the normal operating process of the basic step-up RSC converter can be divided into four stages in the steady state.

Meanwhile, all the switching devices are turned off, and Co keeps discharging to RL . 9 Waveforms and equivalent circuits of basic step-up RSC converter in normal operating mode ( fs < fr ) Stage III S2 and D2 are turned on with ZCS, and Vi and Cr provide energy to RL simultaneously. 30) and the output energy to the load at this stage is Eo3 = −Vo t3 ∫t2 iL (t)dt Stage IV The operating process is the same as that in Stage II. 34) It is obvious that the output voltage of a basic step-up RSC converter in normal operating mode is fixed and determined by the converter structure only, which is the same as the traditional RC converter.

In addition, it is found f f that ZCS can be ensured when the switching frequency is satisfied by fs < f nr1+fnr2 . 62) where VS is the equivalent voltage source of the series-resonant circuit, VC0 is the equivalent initial value of the SC voltage, ????nr is the equivalent resonant angular frequency, Znr is the equivalent characteristic impedance, and knr is a constant related to the SC voltage. 2. 45.

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