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15)). Both are defined with respect to the orthonormal frame {sα i }. , we will consider a change of trivialization on the intersections Uα ∩ Uβ . 7) −1 α gαβ KX gαβ , where gαβ are the transition functions and take values in SO(2m). 6) under this transformation, notice that Pf(KX ) is an invariant symmetric polynomial for antisymmetric matrices and therefore the results of Sect. 2 hold. Also α α ξl transforms as a tensorial matrix of the adjoint type (because it is notice that dξiα + θil the local expression of the covariant derivative Ds).

Then, because of the prescribed boundary conditions, E µ¯ ,u [η(b)] = ub ((2 + 1)/2 ) for every bond b. By the Brascamp-Lieb inequality E µ¯ ,u (η(b) − E µ¯ ,u [η(b)])(η(b ) − E µ¯ ,u [η(b )]) ≤ C dist (b, b ) uniformly in . 2, we conclude that µ¯ weakly as → ∞. In particular ,u → µu lim E µ¯ ,u [V (η(eα ))] = E µu [V (η(eα ))]. 4(0) we infer that (p) . σ,α = σ,α Thus σ − σ (p) = c with a constant c independent of u. To establish that c = 0 we consider the particular case u = 0. The argument given in [4, 5] implies that σ (p) (0) = σ(0).

In: Probabilistic Methods in Mathematical Physics, eds. K. Itˆo, N. Ikeda, Proceedings, Katata Kyoto 1985, Tokyo: Kinokuniya, 1987, pp. 195–209 23. : Lectures on advanced numerical analysis. London: Gordon & Breach, 1967 24. : Stochastic evolution equations. J. Soviet Math. 16, 1233–1277 (1981) 25. A. N. Linear and quasilinear equations of parabolic type. American Mathematical Society, Translations of mathematical monographs 23 Providence: AMS (1968) 26. : The infrared behavior of (∇ϕ)43 . Ann.

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