New PDF release: Chi Nei Tsang 1 - Internal Organs Chi Massage

By Mantak Chia

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In Chi Nei Tsang grasp Mantak Chia keeps to convey the traditional, time-tested knowledge of the therapeutic Tao approach to the Western international. Chi Nei Tsang offers an entire new realizing and method of therapeutic with exact motives of self-healing strategies and techniques of training others to heal themselves. additionally integrated are how you can steer clear of soaking up unfavorable, in poor health energies from others.

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Chi Nei Tsang work helps to provide the proper energy to the organs and their systems. Functional Channel Kidney Lung Lung Heart Controller(Pericardium) Heart Heart Spleen Spleen Stomach Kidney Stomach Kidney Fig. 12 Meridians of the torso form part of the network of energy channels. - 47 - Working in the Navel Center 2. Microcosmic Orbit a. Governor Channel The Govenor Channel moves the Yang Chi (Heavenly, Universal Energy) combining it with the Yin force that it channels up from the Earth. It runs from the perineum, up the spine, to the head.

This is no easy task, but the tools are available. You can learn to use them. Author John Blofeld in his book, the Quest for Immortality, has captured the essence of the Taoists’ understanding of these Five Phases as follows: “The Five Elements are not elements so much as activities. The sages who devised the science recognized five main types of natural processes whose interactions bear a certain resemblance to the interactions of wood, fire, earth, metal and water, the affinity being more allegorical than actual.

5. Earth Energy The Earth Force is the third force of nature. Yin in energy, it spirals up from the Earth (Fig. 6) and mixes with Yang Universal Energy. The Cosmic Particle and Earth Forces form the human physique, and the Universal Force forms the soul and spirit that energize the physical body. (Fig. 7) - 36 - Chapter I Heaven Human Earth Fig. 7 A human being is a balance of the Universal and Earth Force - 37 - Working in the Navel Center 6. Chi Chi (sometimes spelled Qi, Ki, or Ch’i) is the unseen life-force, cosmic breath, or vital force that permeates and nurtures everything under the sun, as well as the sun itself.

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