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By Thomas Bulfinch, W. H. Klapp, Stanley William Hayter

The writer explains that the aim of this booklet is to 'tell the tales in relation to the religions of historic Greece and Rome that are now extinct - that now they belong now to literature'.

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He short, skill was the messenger of Jupiter, and wore a winged cap and winged shoes. He bore in hie hand a rod entwined with two serpents, called the Caduceus. Mercury is said have invented the He one day, a he found, tortoise, took the holes in to lyre. of which shell, the made Clio (Louvre). opposite and drew cords of linen through tliem, and the The cords were nine, in honor of Mercury gave the lyre to Apollo, and received the nine Muses. * edges of it, instrument was complete. • From this origin of the instrument, the word ** shell " is often used at synonymous with "lyre," and figuratively for music and poetry.

Cu'pid (E'ros), the god of love, was the son of Venus. He was her constant companion, and, armed with bow and arrows, he shot the darts of desire into the bosoms of both gods and men. There was a deity named An'te-ros, who was sometimes represented the avenger of slighted love, and somegratitude for the service he bolts. --^z ) — STORIES OF GODS lO times as the symbol legend is told of him AND HEROES. of reciprocal affection. The following : Ve'nus, complaining to The'mis that her son Eros continued was because he was solitary, Anterof and that if he had a brother he would grow apace.

Ove, he induced U'ra-nus, the Heaven, to marry Gse'a, the Earth, whose children became the Ti'tans, the original creators of man. ( 19 ) ; STORIES OF QODS 20 God and Nature at last interposed and put an end to this dis- cord, separating earth from sea fiery part, AND HEROES, and heaven from both. The being the lightest, sprang up and formed the skies the air was next in weight and place. The earth, being heavier, sank below, and the water took the lowest place, and buoyed up the earth. — — Here some god it is not known who gave his good offices and disposing the earth.

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