Building Walking Bass Lines (Bass Instruction) by Ed Friedland PDF

By Ed Friedland

ISBN-10: 0793542049

ISBN-13: 9780793542048

A jogging bass line is the most typical method of jazz bass taking part in, however it can be utilized in rock song, blues, rockabilly, R&B, gospel, Latin, state and lots of different different types of track. The time period 'walking' is used to explain the relocating feeling that region notes create within the bass half. the categorical objective of this publication is to familiarize avid gamers with the thoughts used to construct strolling bass traces and to lead them to conscious of how the method works. by using 90-minutes' worthy of recorded rhythm tracks, gamers can have the chance to place the recent studying at once into motion. This e-book actually offers bassists the instruments they should construct their very own strolling bass traces.

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