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By Marcia P. Miceli, Janet P. Near

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And "Federal Whistle-blowers Pay a High Price," Kansas City Star/Times (November 1987). Used by permission, The Kansas City Star © 1987, all rights reserved. D. Shingler, "Battelle Program Attracts NASA Whistleblowers," Business First of Greater Columbus 4 (Oct. 5, 1987). Reprinted by permission of Business First. Page vii To Ryan Farquer, Joey Near, Chris Near, and Sean Farquer Page ix Contents Foreword xiii Preface xv 1 Introduction 1 The Increasing Incidence of Whistle-blowing 2 Consequences of Whistle-blowing and of Not Blowing the Whistle 4 The Definition of Whistle-blowing 15 Distinctions Among Whistle-blowers 21 Categorizing Whistle-blowing 31 Methodological Issues and the Scientific Investigation of Whistle-blowing 39 The Organization of This Book 44 Summary 45 2 A Preliminary Model of Whistle-blowing and Its Consequences 48 Characteristics of the Whistle-blowing Process 48 Stages in the Whistle-blowing Process: An Overview of Our Model 51 Comparisons with Graham's Model of Principled Dissent 89 Summary 90 3 Is There a Whistle-blowing "Personality"?

Organization members must decide whether to report an activity that was observed earlier. They must also decide whether to follow up on the report and to take further action. They may experience retaliation or other reactions from organization members. And the report or set of reports and outcomes may stimulate significant change in the organization and the group in which the whistle-blower is a member. The entire set of steps can be viewed as a whistle-blowing process involving a number of subprocesses.

The term role-prescribed whistle-blowing implies that organizations, managers, other organization members, and outsiders such as professional organizations and their members, would universally support attempts to call attention to wrongdoing. Further, it implies that these parties would be unsupportive in the case of whistle-blowers whose observation and reporting of wrongdoing are not role-prescribed. But the existence of formal channels for making complaints may imply to everyone regardless of specific role prescriptions that the organization would be supportive.

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