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By William J. Grabowski

ISBN-10: 097496283X

ISBN-13: 9780974962832

An exploration of anomalous aerial phenomena (popularly referred to as UFOs), and what seem to be linked effects--"entity" sightings and obvious interactions; "poltergeist" job; extraordinary electromagnetic intrusions regarding phones, TVs, desktops, or even our minds. bringing up either historic and present-day debts, Grabowski humanizes disturbing--occasionally shocking--material via by no means ignoring its impression on witnesses. a real unknown element in the back of our lives...and speculations that we're jointly participating with it, projecting desires, melancholy, terror, and wish onto what should be finally printed because the motive force in the back of evolution--physical, religious, and social. "[BLACK mild] is a heck of a section of work!" --George Knapp, Emmy Award-winning investigative reporter (KLAS/CBS-TV)

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It didn’t help that the nose-cone and tail of the B-17 were enclosed in the then-new Plexiglas (yes, one “s” in the term). Imagine being a teenager, manning a machine gun capable of blasting through concrete, yet transparent to your enemy. While it’s true that the B-17 could withstand being nearly perforated by heavy rounds and still come home, the terrible reality is that those in front or back often returned in bloody shreds. I owe it to Uncle Joe for introducing me to the UFO phenomenon. While he never directly spoke so, he gave me a hardcover book I still possess: Inside the Space Ships, by one George Adamski.

Animal experimentation” took place there. Why? Certainly, even between 1942-1945 (when TNT was alive), no one would have been lining up livestock on the firing-range. So what could have necessitated their presence? 4. Some of the 100 igloos were later leased to Mason County government. S. Powder Co. and the LFC Chemical concern. A few were leased to American Cyanamid. From Nick Redfern’s and Andy Robert’s Strange Secrets: Real Government Files on the Unknown [4]: “During the summer of 1947, the FBI also interviewed one Edwin M.

Not allowed? Settle down. " After several minutes, she returned. "There's nothing out there, honey. " The boy gulped water as if he hadn't had any for days. Glass after glass, to the point of nausea. His thirst wouldn't quit. Later, after telling his mother (and father, home now from work in Cleveland) about the bizarre creature, the boy needed comfort. Though highly imaginative, he wasn't a liar or a trickster, and his parents knew this. " In the basement beside Dad's ordered workshop, the two set up a home-made shoe-polishing box.

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