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By Chloe Roads

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This assortment investigates the origins of our so much exciting outdated superstitions, a lot of which we nonetheless locate ourselves abiding by means of this present day. countless numbers of the ideals handed down throughout the generations have their foundations in our ancestors' efforts to chase away evil, which they blamed for complication, sickness and injustice in occasions whilst lifestyles used to be, as usually as no longer, 'nasty, brutish and short'. Black Cats and Evil Eyes units those superstitions of their ancient and social context, explaining how worry of the satan, demons, evil spirits and witchcraft drove humans to arm themselves with rituals and talismans to repel darkish forces and make allowance them to reside lengthy and fit lives. In analyzing a lot of our universal superstitions, this e-book illuminates the customs, ideals and practices that hyperlink us to an historic, and infrequently darker, human prior.

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Weeds growing on a grave are said to suggest the opposite, which is why many superstitious people take special care to tend to the graves of their loved ones. A diluted version of these traditions still survives today and has, in fact, experienced something of a resurgence in the West in recent years, with modern graves being decorated with items of clothing, favourite personal effects of the deceased and plastic flowers. It’s a change that has caused consternation among traditionalists within the Christian church, who believe the metaphorical message conveyed by live flowers – that their beauty, like human life, is transient, has been lost.

Nonetheless, their clusters of mud nests can damage walls and eaves and numerous ‘pest control’ services make it their business to get rid of them once the birds have migrated. However, according to folklore, it is incredibly bad luck to kill a swallow. ’ Belief in the sanctity of the swallow stems from the fact that they were sacred to the Penates, or house gods of the ancient Romans, who watched over the home and store cupboard with some sources stating that they were thought to be the embodiment of these gods.

Those beliefs that date back to antiquity evolved in an era steeped in the mythology of a pantheon of gods with human flaws vying with each other for power, and where Fate might triumph over even the most formidable deity. Humans saw themselves as pawns in the games of the gods and powerless in the face of their own predetermined destinies. Ritual governed their lives not so much because they were superstitious, but because that was the custom of their day. The many beliefs that took hold during the Middle Ages, and in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, did so against a backdrop of extremism unrecognizable even in this post 9/11 age.

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