Bibliotheca Hagiographica Graeca (BHG), Vol. II: Ioannes - download pdf or read online

By Halkin, Francois

«Bibliotheca hagiographica graeca « представляет собой каталог греческих агиографических материалов, в том числе древних литературных произведений о жизни святых, расположенных в алфавитном порядке.

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For a few historical points 2 This point was first made by Clark and Wright in 1868 (v. p. v, Clarendon Press ed. and cf. 4 Material below). They also suggest that 'the committal of the Bishop of Carlisle to the custody of the Abbot of Westminster' INTRODUCTION xxxhc other chroniclers may have been drawn upon. Two features not in Holinshed, the introduction of Queen Isabel, and the attribution of a soliloquy to Richard just before his murder, are common to Richard 11 and the first edition of Daniel's poem ^hednHl Wars, 1595], but the treatment, both of these topics and of the rest of the action, is so different as to make an influence either way unlikely.

383. 8 v. note 1. 123-^3 for the passage in question. Hardm Craig notes the passage in Berners but does not draw the deduction that he is a direct source for the play. 8 INTRODUCTION" Iv nothing to Froissart, who appears to have been unaware that the intending combatants came to the lists at all. And in this connexion an interesting little point may be made in passing. The speeches (r. 124-53) in which Richard declares his sentence, and gives the reasons therefor, contain, twice over, the expression 'upon pain of life,' a formula not found elsewhere in Shakespeare, though he uses 'on pain of death' nine times, one of them occurring at line 43 of this very scene.

In 1595 he had evidently no inkling that Sir John Falstaff was waiting for him round the corner. II. T H E SOURCES OF RICHARD II. ' The same view, rather less absolutely expressed, is still current, and was endorsed in 1930 by Sir Edmund Chambers, who writes in his William Shakespeare: a study of facts and problems1: The main source of Richard II was the Chronicle of Holinshed, in the second edition of 1587, since 2. 4. 8 uses a passage not in that of 1577s. For a few historical points 2 This point was first made by Clark and Wright in 1868 (v.

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Bibliotheca Hagiographica Graeca (BHG), Vol. II: Ioannes Calybita-Zoticus by Halkin, Francois

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