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Hidden brain secrets and techniques of guitar taking part in printed! the way to use Nlp/Dhe ideas, sped up studying and sensible recommendations to enhance your Guitar taking part in talents

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Easy now we have the mind map because your overall aim is to move as much of the technical skill into your Unconscious Competence learning stage. Timeline in that you have worked out when you’re going to work on and achieve it in the overall improvement scheme. Emotional Response in that you want the goal to have a positive emotional response that results in the feelings you get at the end of your Motivational Chain. (NLP’ers call this a propulsion system) SMART goal setting is very good for those people who are already highly motivated.

For example if the sequence when you’re playing a ballad is Look up left, look right, look left, look up left, look right, look up left, look right, and look left. Can you see the pattern there – UL, R, L repeating its self? If your model from before is up left when creating a picture, up right when remembering a picture right when remembering a sound then your thinking pattern is: Create picture->remember sound->create sound Write the patterns down. The general guitar model One of the things I did when I took my NLP practitioner training, was get someone to model me – as part of a learning exercise – when I played guitar fast, and when I played slowly.

Some people reckon it’s a built in fear (it isn’t trust me it’s learned). It’s compounded by the fact that we all have to stand up in class and read out stuff – with our peers taking great pleasure in watching us fall. One of the problems is that just before we do a performance, our body starts to ready itself. We get a boost of adrenalin and our heart rate goes up. We are about to get out of our comfort zone. Now this same adrenaline boost used to happen centuries ago when we were hunters. It was because we were about to chase something to kill it for food.

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