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By Janet Lorimer

ISBN-10: 1562544160

ISBN-13: 9781562544164

Simply 32-pages each one paperback books for suffering readers power-packed with analyzing leisure. listed here are forty exiting hi-lo novels with quite a few topics sure to continue your pupil turning the pages till the very finish!

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Spiderwebs hung like lace curtains from the beams overhead. But Leo was delighted to see that the floor was just plain dirt! Toby groaned. “This room is like a huge old cave,” she complained. ” “Come on, Toby. Don’t give up now,” Leo said. He moved around and began shining his flashlight on the walls. Toby and Hannah followed just behind. ” Hannah asked. “I’m not sure. But one thing Toby and I learned today was that Ben Cody was a trickster,” Leo said. “At least he thought he was,” Toby corrected.

A buried treasure? ” “We think the money could be in the basement. Unless—” Toby gritted her teeth. She didn’t want to hear that the basement had been filled in! Hannah smiled. “Don’t worry, the old basement is still here. The building has changed a lot from the days when the police were here. Each new owner redesigned it and added on to it. But they never got rid of the basement. Want to go look? ” The Polanskys followed Hannah down the narrow wooden steps that led to the cellar. At the bottom, Hannah paused and turned around.

The publicity could be great for business,” she said with a laugh. Leo and Toby waited for the TV and newspaper reporters. Then they started 31 digging. But when they finally reached the treasure, the reporters started laughing. Over the years, the canvas moneybags had completely rotted in the damp soil. And so had the paper money! Toby groaned as she held up a handful of muddy pulp. A reporter thrust a microphone in front of her mouth. “Ms. ” Leo stepped aside modestly as Toby flashed the reporter a brilliant smile.

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