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By Márcio Moretto Ribeiro

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Since the appearance of the Semantic net, curiosity within the dynamics of ontologies (ontology evolution) has grown considerably. trust revision offers a superb theoretical framework for facing this challenge; besides the fact that, classical trust revision isn't really compatible for logics reminiscent of Description Logics.

Belief Revision in Non-Classical Logics offers a framework which might be utilized to a large category of logics that come with – in addition to so much Description Logics reminiscent of those at the back of OWL – Horn common sense and Intuitionistic good judgment, among others. the writer additionally provides algorithms for an important structures in trust bases. Researchers and practitioners in theoretical computing will locate this a useful resource.

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25 Horn logic is not decomposable. Proof Let Y = Cn({β ∈ L : Cn(β) ⊂ Cn( p)}). For every pi ∈ P, we have ¬ pi ∨ p ∈ CHorn (Y ). It follows that CHorn (Y ) = CHorn (∅). Consider a sentence β such that CHorn (β) ⊂ CHorn ( p). Every clause in this sentence has at least one ¬ pi for pi = p, otherwise either β ∈ / CHorn ( p) or CHorn (β) = CHorn ( p). Consider a truthfunction v such that v( p) = 0 for every p ∈ P. Since every clause in β has at least one ¬ pi then v β and, hence, v Y. Since v p, we have that CHorn (Y ) = CHorn ( p).

Hector J. Levesque and Ronald J. Brachman. Expressiveness and tractability in knowledge representation and reasoning. Computational Intelligence, 3:78–93, 1987. Boris Motik, Bernardo Cuenca Grau, Ian Horrocks, Zhe Wu, Achille Fokoue, and Carsten Lutz. OWL 2 web ontology language: Profiles. World Wide Web Consortium, Working Draft, Dezembro 2008. org/TR/2008/WD-owl2-profiles-20081202/. Marvin Minsky. A framework for representing knowledge. In John Haugeland, editor, Mind Design: Philosophy, Psychology, Artificial Intelligence, pages 95–128.

And ≥n R. If, besides that, n is restricted to 1 then we say that the logic admits functional roles (F). In many situations we need to reason not only about abstract classes such as Mortal or Man, but also with data types like string and integer. Data types have its own domain ID disjoint from I . A concrete role is a binary relation in I × ID . Concrete roles can be used in numeric restrictions, existential restrictions, and value restrictions. A DL that admits concrete roles is designed by the letter D between parenthesis.

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