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By Benjamin Radford

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Undesirable clowns—those malicious misfits of the halfway who terrorize, hang-out, and threaten us—have lengthy been a cultural icon. This ebook describes the background of undesirable clowns, why clowns cross undesirable, and why many folks worry them. Going past standard clowns resembling the Joker, Krusty, John Wayne Gacy, and Stephen King’s Pennywise, it additionally good points extraordinary, lesser-known tales of peculiar clown antics together with Bozo obscenity, Ronald McDonald haters, killer clowns, phantom-clown abductors, evil-clown panics, intercourse clowns, carnival clowns, troll clowns, and masses extra. undesirable Clowns blends humor, research, and scholarship to bare what's at the back of the clown’s darkish smile.

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Punch: “So you doctors always say. ” 18 chapter 2 Doctor: “ We never take our own physic, if we can help it. ] Punch: “Oh, Doctor! Doctor! No more, no more, enough physic for me! ] Punch: “No more! Turn and turn about all is fair, you know. ” The theme of a sadistic doctor with the bedside manner of Jack the Ripper, the compassion of a rabid Cerberus, and the saccharine, dubious sanity of Patch Adams is hardly new. Doctors poke us, prod us, encourage us to undergo unpleasant, painful, and sometimes even scary experiences based on their glib assurance that it’s for our own good.

Hold your tongue! ] There! ] There! ] There! ] How do you like that? I thought I stop your squalling. Get along with you, you nasty, naughty, crying child. ] Hee, hee hee! ”] chap ter 3 The Unnatural Nature of the Evil Clown I t’s misleading to ask when clowns turned bad, for they were never really good. As our cursory review of early clown history reveals, a dark side had always lurked just below their caricatured features and painted smiles. Clowns and jesters have always been strikingly ambiguous characters, neither clear heroes nor villains, but either or both at different times as suits their murky purposes.

Doctors poke us, prod us, encourage us to undergo unpleasant, painful, and sometimes even scary experiences based on their glib assurance that it’s for our own good. Surgeons cut open our bodies, promising to rearrange our innards and leave all the good bits intact and working better than before; doctors give us pills to treat disease, dutifully offering hollow apologies before the onset of the miserable side effects they’ve read about but don’t themselves endure. Each cut and injection and pill is a tiny metaphorical violation of our bodies and our autonomous dignity, and though we know it’s for our own good, on some level we resent both it and the doctors who treat us.

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