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By Eric Michaels (author), Marcia Langton (Introduction), Dick Hebdige (Foreword)

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What constitutes slander, plagiarism, or indecent or offensive displays is a characteristic specific to any particular culture, and so is likely to vary from one culture to another. To understand what constitutes a moral offense in cultures other than one's own, precise ethnographic examples are necessary. It is just not possible to treat one's own understanding of these things as commonsensical, and to generalize from that. Traditional Aboriginal Australia does not maintain a freespeech ethic.

The community also contributed food and other logistic material. This third production is the only one authorized for public showing to Warlpiri audiences, although there may be different versions for different audiences. All of this represents a significant achievement over the terms of previous ethnographic and commercial filmmaking. The introduction of satellite television confirmed the concerns expressed by the old people that the younger ones would lose their language and therefore their culture.

But photography, which is a mass medium, poses special problems, because oral societies do not employ means of mass reproduction and publication of information/images, and are likely to be unfamiliar with these implications of recording. 6, 7 Special Problems of Photography and Mass Media In traditional face-to-face society, the revelation of a cultural item establishes a contract between the people directly involved, and may go no further. But when a photographer takes a picture of a dance, or a design, or an object, he then can take that picture away, reproduce it, even mass-produce it, and publish it so that it may reappear distanced in time, place, and context from the original event in which it was displayed and photographed.

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Bad Aboriginal Art : Tradition, Media, and Technological Horizons (Theory out of Bounds) by Eric Michaels (author), Marcia Langton (Introduction), Dick Hebdige (Foreword)

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