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By Doug Werner

Aimed particularly on the beginner outside adventurer, this entire advisor explains the fundamental apparatus, arrangements, precautions, and strategies required for day mountain climbing and brief backpacking journeys. via informative, exciting, and inspiring own anecdotes, the advisor emphasizes the actual, aesthetic, and religious merits of spending time in nature. crucial first reduction and map-reading details is usually incorporated.

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These scenes of the rich life of the Nile Valley were favourites of artist and patron alike, for the patron had the security of knowing he would be surrounded, in the hereafter as in the present, by the same things that made life on the Nile banks such a deep source of pleasure, while the artist's talent rose to the challenge of depicting this life in all its variety. The charm and vigour of the chapel scenes is a tribute both to the artists' skill and to the deep love the ancient Egyptians felt for their cherished land.

It w a s a p a p y r i f o r m boat, a w o o d e n boat built to l o o k like the p a p y r u s raft that w a s p r o b a b l y the most ancient N i l e boat o f all. P a p y r u s rafts w e r e used t h r o u g h o u t E g y p t i a n history, for the most m u n ­ dane purposes and for as l o n g as p a p y r u s reeds g r e w along the N i l e , but even as early as the First D y n a s t y the reed raft seems to h a v e assumed a special, possibly a sacred, significance, and its elegant shape w a s trans­ f o r m e d and copied in the m o r e permanent material, w o o d .

A l l o f this w a s to be cleared a w a y , according to the plans o f the Antiquities Service, but it could not be d o n e carelessly or w i t h b u l l ­ dozers, as one w o u l d clear a building site, for the piles o f sand and rubble m i g h t w e l l conceal artefacts o r other information w h o s e importance w o u l d not h a v e been apparent to earlier e x c a v a t o r s . In a sense, clearing 25 26 45 DISCOVERY the debris w a s like clearing an archaeological site, for it w a s necessary painstakingly to scrape a w a y the earth, level b y level, in o r d e r not to miss anything.

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