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By Raymond W. Converse

We are living in an international which nonetheless believes, and lives as though, God exists and directs the workings of the unive. This e-book is an try and set forth the most important strains of philosophical argument that aid the location of atheism. alongside the best way, it's going to additionally set forth the main philosophical arguments of these who depend upon faith because the aid in their trust within the life of God. because the counter positions are offered, it's was hoping that the distinction among them will open the doorways to discuss. contemporary failures have raised new questions about the function of faith in society. the writer doesn't oppose faith in line with se; he outlines the expansion of faith from a contemporary ancient viewpoint and indicates how atheism could be utilized as a good substitute in dealing with daily difficulties.

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The effect of the Greek culture on the evolution of Western European civilization cannot be overstated. This would include its influence on what today we would call the atheistic philosophy, which is the main interest of this work. It is generally agreed that the Greek culture was the most rational of any of the ancient cultures. It must be stated, however, that even in Greece itself the involvement of the Greeks with the evolution of human reason affected only a small minority of the total population.

At the very least the idea of religion (the supernatural) had to be revealed to primitive man by god in some manner. Atheism, on the other hand, would only point to the fact that it is a natural development of human need to create the institutions and practices that answer to that need. The hunt was the main support of the social unit and it is only 27 Atheism as a Positive Social Force natural that man would use magic and superstition to shape the organization and conduct of the hunt into as effective a process as possible.

In Egypt, for example, the Pharaoh was not only the appointed representative of the divine on earth but was in fact considered the divine, in human form. Egyptian society, at the highest levels, was divided into two different systems of power. At one level, the secular, power was centered on the Pharaoh’s immediate family members, who shared in his divinity. Then there was the relatively independent priesthood, which was not apparently considered to be divine in form — although they were treated as divine, in fact.

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