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By Joao Constancio & Maria Joao Mayer Branco

Nietzsche's metaphor of the spider that spins its cobweb expresses his critique of the metaphysical use of language - however it additionally means that "we, spiders", may be able to spin various, life-affirming, non-metaphysical cobwebs. This publication focuses not just on Nietzsche's critique of the metaphysical assumptions of language, but additionally on his attempt to exploit language differently, i.e., to create a "new language." Read more...


because the Spider Spins

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That is, the concept is nothing else than the effect of reducing the non-identical to the identical (TL 1/WL 1). All these elements enable us to comprehend the necessity of a new language: intellectual honesty presupposes that we use a language that does not claim to designate reality adequately; philosophical probity entails that the 35 See BGE 21/JGB 21, GM I 13. 36 See GS 112/FW 112. “To Speak in Images” 25 modes of discourse used do not intend to simplify the appearances, but rather to embrace their diversities and their complexity without negating them.

62 Aristotle, Poetics, 1457b25–30 : “For instance, to scatter seed is to sow, but there is no word for the action of the sun in scattering its fire. Yet this has to the sunshine the same relation as sowing has to the seed, and so you have the phrase ‘sowing the god-created fire’”. 63 See, for instance, Eudemian Ethics, 1230b12–13, where Aristotle writes that in using the name akolasia (“profligacy” or “intemperance”) “we make a transference of meaning”, we literally “metaphorise” (metapheromen), because the term usually means “absence of punishment” in regard to children – and so the displacement of this term in ethics allows us to name a lack of moderation concerning our own pleasures.

Indeed we should insist on the fact that the narrow sense usually accorded to the notion of metaphor is in itself metaphorical: if, in a first instance, phora designates a spatial movement, its use to designate a linguistic and semantic displacement is in effect the result of a metaphor. In this case, the choice of using this term is by no means irrelevant: this choice constitutes a good example of a word whose “proper” meaning appears to be “only metaphorical” when one makes the effort of looking closer.

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