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Electric and mechanical engineers, fabrics scientists and utilized physicists will locate Levi's uniquely useful 2006 clarification of quantum mechanics helpful. This up to date and accelerated version of the bestselling unique textual content covers quantization of angular momentum and quantum conversation, and difficulties and extra references are integrated. utilizing real-world engineering examples to interact the reader, the writer makes quantum mechanics available and correct to the engineering scholar. quite a few illustrations, routines, labored examples and difficulties are incorporated; Matlab resource codes to aid the textual content can be found from

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89) S Having reminded ourselves of Maxwell’s equations and the importance of vector calculus, we now apply them to the description of light propagating through a medium. A particularly simple case to consider is propagation of a plane wave through a dielectric medium. 1 Light propagation in a dielectric medium In the dielectric, current density J = 0 because the dielectric has no mobile charge, and if r = 1 at optical frequencies then H = B/ 0 . 93) 27 INTRODUCTION where = 0 r is the complex permittivity function that results in D r t = 0 r E r t .

100). The magnetic field H r ∼ is related to E r via the relationship H = 0 / 0 k × E given by Eq. 108). 119) 0 Z0 376 73 S= E·E ∼ k Z0 our expression for energy flux in the electromagnetic field becomes 14. 120) . 33 INTRODUCTION This expression is written in the familiar form of power in standard electrical circuit theory, V 2 /R. The difference, of course, is that this is an oscillating electromagnetic field. 121) where phase is a fixed phase. Because the time average of the cos2 term in Eq.

11 Illustration of an isolated linear chain of particles of alternating mass m1 and m2 connected by identical springs with spring constant . There are two particles per unit cell spaced by L/2. One particle in the unit cell has mass m1 , and the other particle has mass m2 . The site of each particle is labeled relative to the site, j. The displacement from equilibrium of particles mass m1 and m2 is indicated. 51) The roots of this polynomial give the characteristic values, or eigenvalues, q . To understand further details of the dispersion relation for our particular linear chain of particles, it is convenient to look for solutions that are extreme limiting cases.

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