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ATG, paras. 44 to 167 and Brockelmann, paras. 20 to 121 and 148 to 176. I included such a list in Studies, pp. 143 ff. and made s o p e corrections and additions to it in Three Notes on Early Turkish, Turk Dili Aragtlrmalarl Y1111&, 1966, pp. I ff. T h e following is a more complete list of the Suffs. identified in this dictionary. I t is divided into five parts, each arranged in a reversed alphabetical order from the last letter backwards. T h e first two parts contain the Suffs. attached to Nouns (including under this heading all words which are not Verbs) and Verbs respectively to form derived Nouns, and the next two parts the Suffs.

G. uzun, tutiin fr. s and Conc. ; not very common. -2a:nl-gem properly a Conjugational form, Present Participle, but, at any rate in K q . , connoting repeated or habitual action, see Kq. 124; 11 53; fairly common; cf. -ga:k/-ge:k; also a Den. Suff. and Ending. s, usually Intrans. ; not very common; -gun/-giin also a Den. Suff. s; very rare; also a Den. Suff. -g/-ag (in qalag)/-Ug (in b u r u p ) very rare; the full phonetic range is prob. s, exact function obscure. )in ayanqag; perhaps connotes habitual action.

G. ); rather rare. - t ~ k - l - d u k - forms Emphatic Pass. ) in bulduk-, bastlk-. SUFFIXES xlvii forms Emphatic Pass. g. bil- 'to know'; bilsik- 'to be well known, notorious'; see K 4 . I zr ; N 138, 237; rare. -I-l-11-lil-l-ul-l-ul- the normal Suff. for Pass. I 2 1 ; II 138,237; very common. -n-l-m-l-in-l-un-/-h- forms Refl. s, which acc. to Kaf. had four shades of meaning 'to do something to oneself, for oneself, or by onesclf; or pretcnd to do something but not actually do it' (the last practically unknown elsewhere); it was also used to form Intrans.

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