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By Günther Ludwig

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In the 1st quantity we established quantum mechanics at the aim description of macroscopic units. The extra improvement of the quantum mechanics of atoms, molecules, and collision approaches has been defined in [2]. during this context additionally the standard description of composite platforms through tensor items of Hilbert areas has been brought. this technique will be officially extrapolated to structures composed of "many" ele­ mentary platforms, even arbitrarily many. One previously had the opinion that this "extrapolated quantum mechanics" is a extra accomplished conception than the objec­ tive description of macrosystems, an opinion which generated unsurmountable diffi­ culties for explaining the measuring strategy. With admire to our origin of quan­ tum mechanics on macroscopic objectivity, this opinion might suggest that our founda­ tion isn't any beginning in any respect. the duty of this moment quantity is to achieve a compatibility among the target description of macrosystems and an extrapolated quantum mechanics. hence in X we identify the "statistical mechanics" of macrosystems as a concept extra compre­ hensive than an extrapolated quantum mechanics. in this foundation we clear up the matter of the measuring strategy in quantum mechan­ ics, in XI constructing a conception which describes the measuring technique as an interplay among microsystems and a macroscopic gadget. This thought additionally permits to calculate "in precept" the observable measured via a tool. Neither an incorporation of cognizance nor a mysterious mind's eye similar to "collapsing" wave packets are necessary.

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Of the elements of 81'. Restricted to S~8B'(17z), the mapping l' must be injective. : separates the elements of S~8B'(17z). 4. Thus the domain of definition of T is the set of all YE8B' for which there is a zES~8B'(17z) with l'y=l'z; then Ty=x holds with z = S~ x. : separates the elements of S~ 81' (17 z) and S~ is injective, T is well defined. It is important that in general T cannot be defined on all of 81'; this we shall recognize below. jJ~ew It is not "automatically" guaranteed that these AT form a semigroup.

It is simpler to take Emk as Boolean ring than to say that Emk is only approximately a Boolean ring. This idealization can be advantageous also for the problems discussed in §3. 14). 17) follows with rfi1t =POlit P. 33) S;-'o L(~m)cL(bo), where PL(b o) = S; L(r). The map S; must be injective since TS~ = 1. e. that the Banach subspace of /JI(r) generated by Sr K is all of /JI(r). But Sr K must not be dense in K (r). The affine mapping L(bo)~L(~m,J is not determined solely by S~, but rather depends in an essential way on K;::.

Then (due to [2] IV § 5) we find E' atomic. 50) with e(o")EG and e(O")::;;e=e(e). l. The support of all of TaK(r) is also e, while O"-+e(O") is a decision observable E-+G. We have ,u(Tam, S~O") =,u(Tam,e(O"»=

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