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Arkadev - May, 1960 - . Under-Secretary for PSCA . NATO MEMBERS TRADE WITH REDS Another illustration of the hypocrisy of NATO is that while pretending to be anti-Communist, NATO members are actually engag- ing in a very lucrative trade with the Soviet Union and its satellites . A special House investigating committee headed by Representative Paul Kitchin, in a probe initiated in 1961, states : Since January, 1960, and through June, 1961, massive procurements of plants and equipment embodying new Western technology have been made by the Soviet bloc .

The One Worlders believe nations have no right to decide who may be admitted and denied admittance to their country . . NATO is interested in uniform Social Security for member countries . . Politically, NATO is the means by which the One World superstate is being "assembled" from above through the UN, and horizontally in NATO, SEATO, and the Organization of American States . And then Senator Jenner made the amazing statement that We cannot even find out what is going on . A five-year report on NATO was compiled in November, 1954 .

A Council of Permanent Representatives of the member governments is in continuous session to workout details of joint policy or submit suggestions to the Council . It is assisted by a series of technical committees, staffed in part by governmental delegates and in part by members of the NATO Secretariat WHO TAKE DIRECTIONS FROM NO SINGLE GOVERNMENT . Policy emerges as a result of discussion among governmental delegates and independent experts and ceases, therefore, to be exclusively an intergovernmental compromise .

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