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A pointy brain, like a fit physique, is topic to an identical rule of nature: Use it or lose itNeed a calculator simply to determine a fifteen percentage carrier cost? now not precisely convinced tips to get the calculator to offer you the determine you wish? flip to this revised and up-to-date version of the entire Math you will Ever desire, the friendliest, funniest, and least difficult exercise routine software around.In no time, you will have overall command of all of the strong mathematical instruments had to make numbers be just right for you. In a dollars-and-cents, bottom-line global, the place numbers impact every thing, none folks can have enough money to permit our math abilities atrophy. This step by step own math trainer:Refreshes useful math talents to your own wishes, with examples in keeping with daily situations.Offers hassle-free concepts for operating with decimals and fractions.Demonstrates easy how you can determine mark downs, calculate loan rates of interest, and figure out time, price, and distance problems.Contains no complicated formulation and no pointless technical phrases.

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Problem 2: Add 1/6 and 2/6. Solution: Let's run the videotape for our instant replays. Everybody knows that 1/2 + 1/2 = 1. But what did we really do in terms of numerators (top numbers) and denominators (bottom numbers)? We added the numerators and wrote their sum over a common denominator. We did the same thing when we added 1/6 + 2/6. We added the numerators over the common denominator: 49 50 Notice that we've reduced this fraction to its lowest terms. Why? Mainly so that it is in its most recognizable form.

6 for a total of three places. 758. And now, another example. Problem: Solution: Are you getting these problems right? If not, redo them. If yes, then you're ready for Self-Test 1. Â < previous page < previous page page_33 page_34 next page > next page > 41 42 Page 34 Self-Test 1 Answers 2 Dividing with Decimals Division with decimals is a lot easier than multiplication with decimals. All we need to do is align everything. We'll start off with a very simple problem and work our way into the more complex.

Convert 3/4 into a decimal. 2. Convert 1/6 into a decimal. 3. Convert 3/8 into a decimal. 4. Convert 1/12 into a decimal. Answers  < previous page < previous page page_37 page_38 next page > next page > Page 38 2 Converting Decimals into Fractions Decimals can easily be converted into fractions. 3 becomes 3/10. 3 by 10. Then we put 3 over 10, which divided 3 by 10. 3 as a fraction: 45 46 Any number may be written over 1 because it does not change its value1 divided into any number is that number.

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