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By William Goldman

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As befits greater than two decades in Hollywood, Oscar-winning screenwriter William Goldman's gleaming memoir is as wonderful as a number of the motion pictures he has helped to create. From the author of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance child, all of the President's males and Marathon guy, Adventures within the monitor exchange is an intimate view of movie-making, of performing greats resembling Redford, Olivier, Newman and Hoffman, and of the rigors and rewards of operating contained in the most fun enterprise on this planet.

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Or a pet cinematographer without whom they don't show. Or a friend who is a musician and will get paid a ton for any minimal assistance he may contribute to the composer. Perhaps the largest percentage of the "one-third" that makes up "the shit" is star behavior. As Mr. Fitzgerald said to Mr. Hemingway about the rich, stars are different from you and me. Yes, they get up in the morning, just like we do. And sure, they go to bed like we do too. But-big but-if they are hot, their day differs from ours in one simple way: From morning till, they live in a world in which no one disagrees with them.

But money, as we know, doesn't cart happiness along with it. So if you choose to imagine these two mightiest of industry elements as snarly Siamese twins, you won't be far wrong. To understand why this situation exists, a little history may prove helpful. Studios came first, and in the beginning they were not remotely ambivalent about stars: They hated them. It's important to remember that movies began as a fad-not unlike the Atari games today. No one knew what the future might bring-or if, indeed, there would even be a future-but the present was plenty lucrative enough for even the greediest executive.

Finally the sun breaks through for a moment and precisely at that moment the male star jumps into a dune buggy and goes for a long ride down the beach. The entire crew turns toward the director and on their faces he sees their message: Do something. The director, helpless, turns away from the crew, stares out at the ocean, and cannot stop the tears of frustration from streaming down his face. ) The sun goes away, the fog returns. So does the male star half an hour later. He hops out of the dune buggy and can't understand why everyone seems so unhappy.

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