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Have to wake up to hurry speedy at the most modern advances in excessive functionality information converters? wish support picking the easiest structure on your program? With every little thing you must find out about the main new converter architectures, this consultant is for you. It provides uncomplicated rules, circuit and approach layout thoughts and linked trade-offs, disposing of long mathematical proofs and supplying intuitive descriptions prematurely. every little thing from time-to-digital converters to comparator-based/zero-crossing ADCs is roofed and every subject is brought with a quick precis of the basic fundamentals. functional examples describing genuine chips, besides huge comparability among architectural or circuit recommendations, ease structure choice and assist you reduce layout time and engineering probability. Trade-offs, merits and downsides of every choice are placed into point of view with a dialogue of destiny developments, displaying the place this box is heading, what's using it and what an important unanswered questions are.

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This FOM does not capture the output swing or the amount of power delivered to the output load. Because of the former issue, this favors DACs with low output swing, which would provide a more linear output but won’t necessarily supply the load with the desired signal power. 14) where Vswing is the output voltage swing, while BW is the frequency of the tone used to measure the SFDR. However, as mentioned above, the output distortion is strongly frequency-dependent and hence so is the SFDR. Furthermore, FOMG has the physical dimensions of the reciprocal of a charge, which doesn’t offer a clear sense of what the FOM is actually aiming to assess.

Such deviations are quantified by the DNL, which specifies how much each step differs from . For example, referring to Fig. 4, let us consider the step width corresponding to Dout = 001. The actual step (solid line) is slightly smaller than the average LSB size. This small negative deviation corresponds to the small negative DNL point on the upper right-hand-side DNL plot. On the other hand, on observing the step width corresponding to Dout = 011, we see that this is considerably larger than the average LSB size, hence leading to a large positive point in the DNL plot for this code.

53, 73]. In the frequency domain, typical test signals are single sine waves (a tone), pairs of sine waves (two tones), multiple tones, and narrowband signals with roughly constant power within the band itself. 2 How is performance being measured? 23 The metrics discussed in the following vary in value depending on the amplitude and on the frequency of the signals involved [74]. So quoting a certain metric requires describing the conditions under which it is provided. In the case of ADCs, when these conditions aren’t explicitly stated, it is often implied that the input signal is at full scale amplitude and at the Nyquist frequency ( f s /2).

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