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For a good picture you have to increase the exposure by one stop (+1) to lighten it. If you didn’t do this (top), the snow in the scene would appear too gray (bottom). com When to Override Automatic Exposure Scenes Darker than Middle Gray Scenes that are darker than middle gray, such as deep shadows, dark foliage, and black cloth, reflect less than 18% of the light falling on them. If you photograph such scenes using automatic exposure, they will appear too light. The meter cannot tell if the scene is dark or just an ordinary scene with less light falling on it.

This mode is ideal when photographing a subject against a very dark or very light background. You can also meter any part of the scene and use AE Lock (page 53) to use that reading for the overall photo. • Spot metering meters 4% of the viewfinder area—the area within the viewfinder’s spot metering circle. This mode is similar to partial metering but is better when you want to base your exposure on an even smaller part of the scene. Metering can cause problems if the camera isn’t metering the main subject or when the main subject is very dark or light.

Controlling Exposure Subject Against Very Dark Background When a small bright subject appears against a large dark background, your autoexposure system increases the exposure to produce a middle gray tone. The result is an overexposed and too light main subject. The rising sun illuminated only one boat in this harbor scene. If the exposure hadn’t been reduced by two stops (-2), the background would be too light and the white boat would have been burned out and too white. A scene like this is a great place to use partial or spot metering (page 46).

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