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By Francisco Suárez, John P. Doyle

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This isn't a full-on remark on Aristotle's Metaphysics within the related means as Aquinas' is. Suarez is going via each one part asking a couple of questions after which referring the reader again to correct sections of his Metaphysical Disputations.

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For that axiom59 must be understood when those many things are such that each of them is adequate to the power of the potency and then their multitude exceeds that power. But when they all are comprehended under one adequate character and power of that potency, it is not necessary that in this way knowledge and apprehension be diminished in such manner that each of them cannot be exactly known as well as all together simultaneously. For in that case they are reckoned to be known as if they were one thing.

1, vol. 25, pp. 64–5. “Supponenda imprimis est vulgaris distinctio conceptus formalis et objectivi. Conceptus formalis dicitur actus ipse, seu (quod idem est) verbum quo intellectus rem aliquam seu communem rationem concipit: qui dicitur conceptus, quia est veluti proles mentis; formalis autem appellatur, vel quia est ultima forma mentis, vel quia formaliter repraesentat menti rem cognitam, vel quia revera est intrinsecus et formalis terminus conceptionis mentalis, in quo differt a conceptu objectivo, ut ita dicam.

3, in Francisco Suárez, Opera omnia (Paris: L. Vivès, 1856–1866) vol. 25, pp. 53–4. , nn. 11–12, pp. 55–7. , nn. 16–22, pp. 58–9. , nn. 23–30, pp. 59–63. 981a4. 11 Cf. ” Plato, Gorgias 448C. For an example of Suárez critically approaching the text of Plato, cf. DM 2, s. 2, n. 3 (vol. 25, p. 207). 34 12 Francisco Suárez: A Commentary on Aristotle’s Metaphysics DM 1, s. 6, nn. 29–30, pp. 62–3. Cf. 981a16. 14 DM 34 contains only 8 Sections. I have not found a passage which will fit Suárez’s reference here.

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A Commentary on Aristotle's Metaphysics: A Most Ample Index to the Metaphysics of Aristotle: Index Locupletissimus in Metaphysicam Aristotelis by Francisco Suárez, John P. Doyle

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