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Over the previous thirty years, we have seen an intensive redistribution of wealth upward to a tiny fraction of the inhabitants. right here, activist Chuck Collins explains the way it occurred and marshals wide-ranging information to teach precisely what the 99/1 percentage divide capability within the actual international and the wear and tear it factors to participants, companies, and the earth. most crucial, he solutions the burning query, what should be performed approximately it? He deals a common sense consultant to bringing a few society that works for everybody: the 100%. this can be a fight that may be gained. in the end, the chances are ninety nine to one in our prefer.

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Who is this 1 percent? Are they all bad? Why do so many laws passed by Congress benefit the 1 percent instead of the 99 percent? And, most important: Can we reverse it? Is there hope for the 99 percent? You don’t have to read the whole book to get a quick response. I have seven intentions for this book, points that I hope you as reader will take away. Inequality Matters to You. Think about what you care deeply about: kids, health, education, the environment, culture, housing, and the amount of free time you have.

16 These reformers pressed for policies to reduce concentrated wealth and broaden prosperity. They advocated for rule changes such as passage of the federal income tax and estate tax in 1916 with the explicit goal of reducing income and wealth concentrations. 17 Other rule changes included legislation banning child labor, breaking up corporate monopolies (trust busting), expanding corporate regulation, and instituting social expenditures to address poverty and poor housing conditions. These changes had the positive impact of greatly reducing wealth disparities.

Understanding this history will help us roll back the current chapter of inequality we are living through. S. society experienced such extreme levels of inequality was during the long Gilded Age from 1890 to 1928. In the aftermath of the industrial revolution, wealth inequalities became glaring and stark. The great robber baron fortunes, those of Rockefeller, Carnegie, and Vanderbilt, exercised tremendous economic, political, and cultural power. And a handful of giant corporations—what a century ago were called “concentrations” and “trusts”—dominated the political system with their short-term interests.

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